Nerijus Gabalis


About Me

Hi! I'm Nerijus. Currently I'm targeting web front-end and Java development.

Why I am best for you

Every day You can find me creating something new.

Front-end developer

Currently working in ATO Digi as full-stack developer since 2015. Great knowlage of HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, LESS, SCSS.

Java developer

Over 5 years of experience in developing Java apps and plugins. Worked with OpenGL, LWJGL and various game engines. Main programmer in most popular Minecraft server in Lithuania.

Media projects

Video/photo shooting, montage, livestreaming, TV projects (rtmp, udp, multicast). Linux, bash programming knowlage. Working as IT specialist in hosting project DATAHOST.LT and in internet provider KLI.LT. Also I'm the owner of streamers group Streamers.LT


How did I become who I am now?


I started looking into Game development. Created my first game "Griƫvantis pragaras" using UDK. In late 2012 started learning C++ and Java.


In early 2013 I started creating Minecraft plugin called Counter-MC using Java. That was one of my most complex things I coded.


Finished work with Counter-MC, created a Minecraft server network and were sponsored by Created few web systems that were connected with server, worked with SQL databases. In mid-2014 I abandoned my Minecraft project and had few months of vacation. In late 2014 I joined


It was January 1st when new version of Counter-MC came out. It was and it still is the most modern Minecraft minigame in Lithuania. Started 3D modeling, learned basics of JavaScript and met jQuery. Started learning HTML5 and CSS3. In mid-2015 started working in ATO Digi as a full-stack developer. Started internet radio with my friend which is still going on. Founded a web and game server hosting company called DATAHOST.LT.


While working in ATO Digi I had a touch with a lot of great webpages and popular trademarks. Learned Laravel framework, rewrote DATAHOST.LT webpage on it. I gathered a lot of experience in configuring networks, servers and Linux systems. Expanded my PHP knowlage, Android app development.


Started working in KLI.LT in TV segment. Created new software for configuring TV channel and representing it. Got new experience with livestreaming (udp, multicast).

5 +

My own projects

20 +

Projects I contributed

10 +

Sites created

60 +

Java plugins created

You can contact me here:
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: nogalosa